Outdoor fountains can be an important component of any landscape design. Because of their endless variety of shapes, sizes and forms, they are applicable to any architectural aesthetic. The audible sound of moving water can be strategically used to minimize street noise, and has a calming effect.

In several projects, the design demanded water features that blend seamlessly with exterior walls, nature and art. These elements become focal points for the home’s outdoor spaces that emerge from boulders and courtyard walls to enliven the home.

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Our design philosophy is predicated on deep, meaningful connections between the house and the land. Southern California is blessed with a nurturing environment that provides extraordinary opportunities for true indoor-outdoor living. The homes we design fulfill that promise with beauty and joy.

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An Interview With Million Dollar Decorating

Erik Evens was recently interviewed by James Swan on his popular podcast Million Dollar Decorating. Listen to or download the interview transcript here.

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